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No. Utilization of Ketamine via infusion for treatment of depression, PTSD and the other struggles research has proven it to be useful for are still "off-label" and therefore not covered under insurance. We do hope that at some point in the future mainstream insurers and Tricare may begin covering or reimbursing for Ketamine Infusion Therapy.

Walk-Ins are not typically available as our infusion services are set around both your and our providers schedule, however you are welcome to call and inquire about immediate availability. If we have a provider available we will be happy to see you.

During your first visit all intake forms will be either completed or verified and reviewed with you. If you have been referred by your existing healthcare provider, their notes will be reviewed as well. If you are self-referral we will need evidence of evaluation by a qualified provider. Once all criteria is met and payment is verified, your initial Ketamine infusion may be administered. Total initial appointment may take an average of 90 mins.

First you will be taken to a quiet, private room where an IV will be placed. Vital sign monitoring will begin and then your infusion turned on by an anesthesia professional. Typical infusions will last about 40 mins. Soft, calming music can be played based on your preference. Soon after your infusion is complete, when you are stable and steady on your feet and your provider determines you have met all recovery criteria for release, you will be allowed to go home with a responsible driver.

Many individuals experience improvements within 1-12 hours. Some may notice a result immediately. The treatment is known to be 70% effective for improvement of treatment resistant symptoms. Success rate is very impressive with PTSD and ending suicidal thoughts among other conditions, for some individuals it may take longer to notice a result. A series of infusions are administered over a 2 week period and it is likely that the effect will be successive, improving over time during the course of treatment.

We accept cash, all major credit cards, or can can provide you with instructions on obtaining financing for the treatments via Advance Care. You may learn more at www.advancecarecard.com. Your payment must be arranged and complete prior to receiving treatment.

ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy formerly known as "Electroshock") has a success rate of approximately 70%, however its cost is over 2000$ per treatment and the recommended number of sessions are typically 10 over 4 weeks. This is cost prohibitive for many and the process to receive ECT is much more involved. TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) has a lower success rate of about 30% and a much greater number of treatments recommended, as many as 5 days a week for more than 5 weeks. With a lower success rate, TMS is similar to other treatments already tried by individuals seeking help or relief for their depression that has been determined to be treatment resistant (TRD).

TKetamine has been used in operating rooms and on the battlefield by anesthesia providers, by trauma and emergency room physicians for decades. In the hands of properly trained healthcare providers such as CRNA's (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) or an anesthesiologist it is an exceptionally safe treatment. In this instance a sub-anesthetic dose will be administered for a longer duration of time, much different than the technique used in operating rooms for induction of anesthesia. It is still safest for an anesthesia provider, such as a CRNA, to administer your infusions because of the in depth training they receive related to its use and pharmacology. CRNA's or other properly trained anesthesia providers are the most experienced with administering and monitoring the effects of Ketamine during and after administration.

Yes. You will be a patient of the Cumberland Ketamine Center for the administration of your Ketamine Infusion Therapy. One of the criteria for Ketamine treatment is having had a prior diagnosis by a qualified healthcare provider. It is important that you continue seeing and following the advice of your healthcare provider. When possible we welcome your therapist attend your appointments. Talk Therapy or Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy can, in certain situations, be beneficial to you. Cumberland Ketamine is currently considering adding a therapy partner to our service for instances where this is desired but difficult to coordinate. Stay Tuned!

The first infusion costs $550. All standard 40-45 minute infusions thereafter will cost $500. Pain infusions have a standard rate of $900 for the 4 hour treatment, some reduced fees may apply for the pain infusions when a series or periodic visits are indicated. Cumberland Ketamine does offer a discount to all active military and veterans, critical care nurses, physicians, as well as members of fire and rescue teams. We also grant discounted rates for paying all of initial treatment up front in full or for completing your series within a specified amount of time so pricing can vary. If you come to us as a self referral, without a prior diagnosis, we can direct you to an appropriate mental health specialist for evaluation. Any fees incurred during the assessment and diagnosis process will be handled separately, between you and that entity. We do, however, suggest checking with your health plan, as this type of service is often covered by insurance.

Currently Ketamine infusion therapy is not covered by insurance. Please contact us for alternatives and further information about this topic.

To make sure we are delivering the highest level of patient care and personal attention to each of our clients we do require an appointment.

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