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Ms. Williams is a graduate of Murray State University in 2000 and Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia in 2010.  Primary practice areas during 18 years in Acute Care have been – Trauma, Neuro and Surgical ICU, Organ Donor and Family Services/ ICU Coordinator, Resource Critical Care Staff Mentor, and finally (CRNA) Anesthesia Provider in the Hospital, Surgical Center, Physician Office, as well as Labor & Delivery areas. 

The interest in this treatment began while noticing emerging research related to the use of Ketamine as a treatment or preventative agent and simultaneously at a time of watching and hearing about struggles of close family members, friends and patients.  We are all acutely aware of this worlds brokenness evidenced all around us and in the media which helps explain the increased awareness and prevalence of PTSD, instances of Depression and Suicide among soldiers and veterans as well as highly educated professionals as these struggles know no socio-economic boundaries.

The opioid epidemic is also frightening and chronic pain will forever be a struggle to treat and it is evident that all the conditions at hand are quite commonly intertwined or as we say, co-morbid.  At the end of the day, the owner says… “I consider it a great privilege to be able to offer and provide this service to those in our area who need it”.

Ms. Williams actively practives in the Clarksville and surrounding areas and is licensed in Kentucky, Tenessee, and Indiana.  She is also a proud mother to two children, a daughter – age 10 and a son- age 12.


David graduated from Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia in 2008 and actively practices as a CRNA in Williamson and Montgomery County. Whether it is placing an epidural with the utmost precision, or monitoring a patient’s every heartbeat, every breath, every second in the operating room, his reputation as a perfectionist makes him a highly sought after practitioner.

David has dedicated more than 20 years of service to the United States Army as a Major in the Army Nurse Corps. His service has led him around the world on multiple active duty and combat assignments, including three mobilizations for Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom as a nurse and nurse anesthetist. He has been recognized with the prestigious Meritorious Service Medal and completed the Joint Forces Combat Trauma Management Course. He currently resides in Williamson County with his wife Marla and 2 daughters, Caroline and Mary-Martin.


Brooke Murphy has been practicing as a nurse anesthetist since 2006, when she received her Masters in Nurse Anesthesia from Samford University. Brooke has had a diverse career in anesthesia, having worked in a variety of medical settings in Birmingham, New York, and Nashville. Over the past decade, Brooke has fostered a curiosity and passion for psychology and clinical mental health, drawing her towards a desire to provide professional anesthesia skills to this unique area of need in her community.

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